First Stop – Marfa


If you follow me on Instagram you know that we recently moved from Dallas TX to San Diego CA. We decided to make this move a few months ago. Our decision wasn’t an easy one and there was a lot of changing our minds and a few alternative plans thrown in. Ultimately we decided the move to San Diego was right for us and started to plan our journey. (Don’t ask me if I still think this was the right idea! LOL! I’m still mourning the great life I had in Texas. Even when it’s time to move on from a place there is still quite a bit of sadness that accompanies leaving a place that you have called home). But heartache be damned – move we did. We decided we wanted to make this a fun adventure for us and for our kids. We wanted to make memories and be able to look back on photos fondly. I’ve always wanted to go to Marfa Texas and sleep in a teepee at El Cosmico. Since Marfa was definitely on our way we decided it would be our first stop. The design and art in that city is just amazing! I loved every second of our short stay there. And the boys absolutely LOVED sleeping in the teepee. My parents accompanied us for half of the journey so we put them up in one of the El Cosmico safari tents. They loved it as well!


There was no shortage of design inspiration in this city! Even the sky looked like a painting as the sun set over the desert! We purchased a few mementos to remember our little trip to this fun city. The poster above can be found in the El Cosmico shop online. We were also able to stop into the Garza Marfa shop on our way out of town. I purchased a few pillows and drooled over all of their leather furniture. Constance (one of the owners) was nice enough to let me in even though she was busily preparing for a huge trade show in Chicago. I was so thankful that she let me in and show me all around her work area. It was so exciting to see how she works and the projects that she is working on! I can’t wait to see more from this company! Their products are so pretty! The photo below of the leather cot was taken from their website.


We loved our stay in Marfa and would highly recommend staying there to everyone. We felt that El Cosmico was very kid friendly so that is the place I would recommend staying if you are making the trip with kids. Also – several people have asked us how we kept our sanity with two young children on such a long road trip and the secret is totally McDonalds! I don’t like McDonalds and pretty much never take my kids there. Not because I’m someone who thinks I am better than McDonalds – I’ll admit that I love their fries. When I was little my mom took me and my sister to McDonalds for lunch and we ended up throwing some kind of loony tune tantrum! The outing ended with my sister throwing an entire large soda drink in my face and my mom dragging both of us out kicking and screaming. We were grounded from McDonalds for 10 years as our punishment. LOL!! We just never really went back. So I didn’t really grow up on Micky Dees – I don’t relate to the whole happy meal thing. It’s not the place I think of when I think of taking my kids out to lunch. BUT on this road trip I fully embraced McDonalds! I can tell you that when we found a McDonalds with a clean, quiet play area we sorta felt like we won the lottery and stayed for an hour or two. We let our kids play and eat the overly processed food and fight over their little Minion happy meal toys until one of them reached for the large soda drink sitting on the table… and then we hit the road again. You know, before said drink got thrown in anyone’s face. They were happy in the car for a few hours and then we would start searching for the next McDonalds.


Oh Happy Day Shop

pompomsHave you guys heard about Oh Happy Day’s new party shop? It’s pretty cool! I really love the website design – it’s all organized by color. If you are in the market for some great party supplies you should probably go check it out! I can’t wait to get my hands on the two tone balloons . They remind me of a pantone swatch – and what more would a designer like than a design themed party with pantone balloons? Nothing, obviously. Above is a photo I snapped of a baby shower I recently helped style! It was really fun to use all of the Oh Happy Day decorations! Hop on over to her blog to see a few more photos I took at the party and to look through all of her great party stuff!

Introducing Maiden Sites!


I am so excited to finally announce a little side project that I have been working on for some time. Behold- Maiden Sites! My business partner Brandi and I have been working on this for quite a while and we are just about ready to LAUNCH! In preparation for our big launch later this month I thought I would share a little back story: Brandi and I have collaborated on more projects than I can remember and are officially business partners on this new venture (we even drafted up a contract with a lawyer and everything, how legit are we?! haha) BUT – we have never met in person. Strange world we are living in these days, huh!? I talk to this woman on the phone constantly, she supports and encourages me so much, now we are starting a business together and yet I have never actually been in the same room with her!


If you don’t know – Brandi and I create custom WordPress websites for creatives, small businesses, coaches, bloggers, artists… and more. We love what we do. I specialize in branding and web design while Brandi focuses on development and user experience. We seriously can’t get enough of what we do and truly believe that we bring a lot of value to the clients that we work with. Since starting to work together a couple of years ago we have had a huge increase in clientele and our prices have gone up a bit. Which is great! But we started to feel like we were pricing and timing out the people who still needed our help and expertise the most: the creative entrepreneurs who are just getting started or are working with a limited budget. Custom websites can take a while to design and develop. They can also get quite pricey. On top of that – all of the bells and whistles start to require a little bit of long term design and development assistance… That’s where Maiden Sites come in. We wanted to create beautifully designed, easy to use websites for a great price!

We know there are a lot of WordPress themes out there already – but most of them are not designed or developed very well. If they are designed well they certainly don’t cater specifically to small business owners. We realized over the years that if a business is in the right place to invest in a custom website they TOTALLY should! It is worth every penny. BUT not everyone is there yet. Some bloggers/makers/entrepreneurs just need to get there product or message out into the world and start generating revenue before they can invest in a custom site. So often the clients that came to us with little money for a custom site had the most exciting and innovative ideas or products. We desperately wanted to work with them and hated turning them away just because they didn’t have money (YET!). So we tried to find ways to cut costs by finding pre-made templates that they could easily customize. It turns out the market had a huge void in this area – so we decided to fill it ourselves!

We decided to name our new venture “Maiden” for two reasons. I like to think of a website as another employee. If designed well a website can act as a 24/7 personal assistant – almost like a loyal maiden always willing to serve! :) The name also reminds us of the term “Maiden Voyage”. We know a lot of our clients that are just getting started are embarking on a new journey, a big new chapter in their lives is starting and it can feel like an adventure. Both ideas underline the WHY behind Maiden Sites – to inspire creatives to embark on their journey and to serve them with helpful tools that will make it possible.

Our themes will be available for purchase later this month! We are hard at work putting the finishing touches on our first 3 themes. We will be adding themes quarterly from here on out to keep our inventory fresh! So if you are a creative, business owner, blogger or another designer who wants to utilize our themes please let us know what kind of functionality/design elements you are desperately in need of! We want to hear EVERYTHING! :) And follow us on our new adventure on instagram @maidensites or sign up for our free newsletter and get a special surprise in your inbox today!

Sarah Jenks + Live More Weigh Less

sarah1 sarah3sarah_jenks_6sarah4

When Sarah Jenks contacted me back in September I was really excited to take on her project. Her project included re-designing her personal blog – a platform for her to share her unique perspective on weight loss and what is means to be a woman AND re-designing everything for her online program: Live More Weigh Less. It was a big project including her website, cookbook, journal, promotional material etc. We worked together for several months getting everything just right and ready for her big launch.

I was excited to work on this project for two reasons. First of all I love the message that Sarah is sending about weight loss. Her program is all about loving the body you have, loving the life you have and letting our obsession with the “perfect weight” take a back seat while we breath and live a little. I’ve never had a huge struggle with my weight or had big insecurities about my body until this season of my life. Having kids has changed my body in ways that I can’t control and it’s been hard to not remember how awesome it is.  I loved that while working on this project I was reminded daily to just love my body. To live. To try to take care of myself the best that I know how and at the end of the day just accept that I have done enough.

I also loved working on this project because it gave me a huge peek into a big trend that is going on right now: the “online course”. So many people are selling and promoting online courses these days and it was so great to get to work with someone who is doing it AND doing it WELL! I tackle all of my projects from a marketing and user experience point of view and I love the psychology of marketing! My biggest priority when working with clients is always to help them SELL! So – working with a client who had a few new ideas to bring to the table was really awesome!

I had such a great time working with Sarah and her team. I highly recommend her program for anyone looking for answers to their weight loss struggles. I also highly recommend checking out her site if you are interested in online marketing – I feel that the site we created together is a fantastic model of how to engage your audience, explain what you have to offer and make it really clear how they can purchase your services.

What kind of person do you REALLY want to be?



A few weekends ago Conor and I drove out to Rancho Loma. It is a cute little ranch out in west Texas. We have been talking a lot lately about simplifying our lives, homesteading, building a home, getting animals…etc. It’s our dream – one that we are fighting tooth and nail to make a reality someday… and sometimes it really does feel like we are fighting tooth and nail. It was really great to go stay on a ranch in the middle of nowhere for a couple of days and plan out how we are going to make that life a reality. But the truth is the conversations weren’t that easy. Giving up certain things you love now so you can eventually have something better later is hard.

Articulating what it is that you truly want, deep down inside of yourself is not an easy task. Henry tells me what he wants out of life all of the time, “I’m going to go to space. I’m going to take all of the bad guys to jail. I am going to have lot’s of animals and roller skate everyday.” It’s easier for him to spout off a million things in 5 minutes that he dreams of doing than it is for me to say 1 thing in 2 days. As adults we are so out of practice. We wonder if what we are dreaming of is too big… or maybe not big enough? Or maybe too selfish, or maybe too self sacrificing? and then we say things like, “YOLO!” and then we question what YOLO even really means anyway?! Then we start to think about what others will say if we fail. What will they say? What will we say to ourselves? How are we ever going to know what to do?


Here’s the trick I’ve been using for a while to help myself work through these hard decisions. I often use this when working with clients who are in the middle of making hard decisions about their businesses. Ask yourself this one question; “What kind of person do you really want to be?”  When making big decisions about life, when trying to decide between 2 good things, ask yourself, “What kind of person do I really want to be?” This question makes those hard choices a little easier and those tough conversations about what we want out of life more clear. Do we want to risk it all or do we want to play it safe? Both are good. No one ever said playing it safe wasn’t smart or that risking everything never paid off. Do you want to live in California on the beach or do you want to live in Texas on a ranch? Or do you want a ranch in California? How can you make that happen? What kind of person do you want to be? What kind of person do you need to be in order to get where you want to go? Are they the same? If not, which person wins? Do you need to change? Or do you need to change your dream?

PS We have been asking ourselves this question for the past year. It’s been one long hard conversation after another. But I think it’s worth having over and over again as you slowly work toward your ultimate goal. And here is a link to the TED talk that inspired me to ask this question. If you are having a hard time making a really hard choice WATCH IT!