First Stop – Marfa


If you follow me on Instagram you know that we recently moved from Dallas TX to San Diego CA. We decided to make this move a few months ago. Our decision wasn’t an easy one and there was a lot of changing our minds and a few alternative plans thrown in. Ultimately we decided the move to San Diego was right for us and started to plan our journey. (Don’t ask me if I still think this was the right idea! LOL! I’m still mourning the great life I had in Texas. Even when it’s time to move on from a place there is still quite a bit of sadness that accompanies leaving a place that you have called home). But heartache be damned – move we did. We decided we wanted to make this a fun adventure for us and for our kids. We wanted to make memories and be able to look back on photos fondly. I’ve always wanted to go to Marfa Texas and sleep in a teepee at El Cosmico. Since Marfa was definitely on our way we decided it would be our first stop. The design and art in that city is just amazing! I loved every second of our short stay there. And the boys absolutely LOVED sleeping in the teepee. My parents accompanied us for half of the journey so we put them up in one of the El Cosmico safari tents. They loved it as well!


There was no shortage of design inspiration in this city! Even the sky looked like a painting as the sun set over the desert! We purchased a few mementos to remember our little trip to this fun city. The poster above can be found in the El Cosmico shop online. We were also able to stop into the Garza Marfa shop on our way out of town. I purchased a few pillows and drooled over all of their leather furniture. Constance (one of the owners) was nice enough to let me in even though she was busily preparing for a huge trade show in Chicago. I was so thankful that she let me in and show me all around her work area. It was so exciting to see how she works and the projects that she is working on! I can’t wait to see more from this company! Their products are so pretty! The photo below of the leather cot was taken from their website.


We loved our stay in Marfa and would highly recommend staying there to everyone. We felt that El Cosmico was very kid friendly so that is the place I would recommend staying if you are making the trip with kids. Also – several people have asked us how we kept our sanity with two young children on such a long road trip and the secret is totally McDonalds! I don’t like McDonalds and pretty much never take my kids there. Not because I’m someone who thinks I am better than McDonalds – I’ll admit that I love their fries. When I was little my mom took me and my sister to McDonalds for lunch and we ended up throwing some kind of loony tune tantrum! The outing ended with my sister throwing an entire large soda drink in my face and my mom dragging both of us out kicking and screaming. We were grounded from McDonalds for 10 years as our punishment. LOL!! We just never really went back. So I didn’t really grow up on Micky Dees – I don’t relate to the whole happy meal thing. It’s not the place I think of when I think of taking my kids out to lunch. BUT on this road trip I fully embraced McDonalds! I can tell you that when we found a McDonalds with a clean, quiet play area we sorta felt like we won the lottery and stayed for an hour or two. We let our kids play and eat the overly processed food and fight over their little Minion happy meal toys until one of them reached for the large soda drink sitting on the table… and then we hit the road again. You know, before said drink got thrown in anyone’s face. They were happy in the car for a few hours and then we would start searching for the next McDonalds.


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    That trip looks amazing! Now I have a new place to add to my travel list!

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