Introducing Maiden Sites!


I am so excited to finally announce a little side project that I have been working on for some time. Behold- Maiden Sites! My business partner Brandi and I have been working on this for quite a while and we are just about ready to LAUNCH! In preparation for our big launch later this month I thought I would share a little back story: Brandi and I have collaborated on more projects than I can remember and are officially business partners on this new venture (we even drafted up a contract with a lawyer and everything, how legit are we?! haha) BUT – we have never met in person. Strange world we are living in these days, huh!? I talk to this woman on the phone constantly, she supports and encourages me so much, now we are starting a business together and yet I have never actually been in the same room with her!


If you don’t know – Brandi and I create custom WordPress websites for creatives, small businesses, coaches, bloggers, artists… and more. We love what we do. I specialize in branding and web design while Brandi focuses on development and user experience. We seriously can’t get enough of what we do and truly believe that we bring a lot of value to the clients that we work with. Since starting to work together a couple of years ago we have had a huge increase in clientele and our prices have gone up a bit. Which is great! But we started to feel like we were pricing and timing out the people who still needed our help and expertise the most: the creative entrepreneurs who are just getting started or are working with a limited budget. Custom websites can take a while to design and develop. They can also get quite pricey. On top of that – all of the bells and whistles start to require a little bit of long term design and development assistance… That’s where Maiden Sites come in. We wanted to create beautifully designed, easy to use websites for a great price!

We know there are a lot of WordPress themes out there already – but most of them are not designed or developed very well. If they are designed well they certainly don’t cater specifically to small business owners. We realized over the years that if a business is in the right place to invest in a custom website they TOTALLY should! It is worth every penny. BUT not everyone is there yet. Some bloggers/makers/entrepreneurs just need to get there product or message out into the world and start generating revenue before they can invest in a custom site. So often the clients that came to us with little money for a custom site had the most exciting and innovative ideas or products. We desperately wanted to work with them and hated turning them away just because they didn’t have money (YET!). So we tried to find ways to cut costs by finding pre-made templates that they could easily customize. It turns out the market had a huge void in this area – so we decided to fill it ourselves!

We decided to name our new venture “Maiden” for two reasons. I like to think of a website as another employee. If designed well a website can act as a 24/7 personal assistant – almost like a loyal maiden always willing to serve! :) The name also reminds us of the term “Maiden Voyage”. We know a lot of our clients that are just getting started are embarking on a new journey, a big new chapter in their lives is starting and it can feel like an adventure. Both ideas underline the WHY behind Maiden Sites – to inspire creatives to embark on their journey and to serve them with helpful tools that will make it possible.

Our themes will be available for purchase later this month! We are hard at work putting the finishing touches on our first 3 themes. We will be adding themes quarterly from here on out to keep our inventory fresh! So if you are a creative, business owner, blogger or another designer who wants to utilize our themes please let us know what kind of functionality/design elements you are desperately in need of! We want to hear EVERYTHING! :) And follow us on our new adventure on instagram @maidensites or sign up for our free newsletter and get a special surprise in your inbox today!


  • Jamie

    How exciting! I love the vision behind Maiden Sites, in that you provided a cost-effective solution for those creative small business owners! Can’t wait to see the themes, I am sure they are beautiful :)

    • JANE

      Thanks Jamie! Yes, I really hope this is a good tool for those small business owners! :)

  • Kelsey

    Such a lovely idea!! Excited for you and this new venture.

  • Lisa

    Hi Jane. Sounds like a wonderful venture.

    I’m smitten with your collaborative efforts with Brandi and I look forward to seeing your new Maiden designs and this is a most timely entry from my perspective.

    Here are few functionality/design element that come to mind:

    1. Content gallery where one category click will take the reader to larger-than-typical, easy-to-see thumbnails. I also like the “hover” effect in a gallery. Not sure if that’s what it’s called but as the cursor hovers over the thumbnail, that’s when the title of the post appears over the photo. That really appeals to me because it allows the photos to speak first without competing with a title unless the reader wants to read more.
    2. Easy and attractive accessibility to archival content.
    3. Clean and uncluttered design with lots of white space.
    4. A layout that encourages and entices the reader to explore even more than they initially planned.
    5. Subscription slate on landing page.
    6. Navigation bar with drop down menus.
    7. Sidebar option for popular posts.
    8. Mobile responsive.

    That’s my 8 cents.

    Good luck and I look forward to seeing the new themes.

    • JANE

      These are all great ideas! Seriously, thank you so much!

  • Jeannie Wilkach

    Hi Jane and Brandi,
    Congratulations! I am a big fan of your web designs and almost contacted Brandi a few months ago whilst starting to redesign my own site. I am a designer in Australia.
    I used to work with a developer where all I had to deal with was branding and design but now I find myself in the thick of WordPress!
    And yes I have spent hours trying to find the right templates! Ones that I think are almost right in design seem to be weak in the back end (I am told). So I ended up using a template that has given me a good result but not what my heart was after.
    I am very excited for you two talents! And maybe excited for what it might bring for me and my clients!
    And what would I love in a template? – elegance and white space for starters.
    (ps I just started following your Instagram. I’m Cookelish_Creek)

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