We just returned from a much needed vacation! It was amazing but I almost feel like I need another vacation from my vacation! haha I am originally from the Portland area, I went to high school across the river in a town called Camas. My parents and my sister (and her family) all live there. A lot of my closest friends live there and are starting families and buying houses. The first friends we made as a married  couple moved there after they left Hawaii. Conor and I first dated and got married there. It’s so funny how nostalgic I get when going there.

Portland truly feels like home to me. Everywhere I go brings back floods of memories. I know this is going to sound so dramatic but at times it’s almost painful how many memories this place will pull off that dusty old shelf and make me re-live in my mind. A lot of those memories are packed with crazy teen-agey angst, or life changing emotional decisions. Most of the memories are really beautiful and happy, some are bitter sweet and some are really sad – and my heart will break all over again. One of my best friends from high school is still the only person that I trust to cut and color my hair so I see her every time I go back, but our other best friend was killed in a car accident a few years after we graduated high school… so I don’t see her, but rather I remember her as I drive by my old high school and past the old buildings where we saw all of our favorite bands. Another best friend is now married and just had a baby with his wife. I could cry about how happy I am for them and their cute little family. It’s always so fun to see them and smash our babies together and tell them they will marry each other someday.

My family is always the reason I go back at all. I love seeing my parents. Henry is totally in love with his grandpa and follows him around like he can’t live with out him. My mom is always so funny, spouting off explicit innuendoes like it’s going out of style… with out ever even realizing what she is saying. I love to force my mom to hold me like a baby and tell me everything is going to be ok! (That’s totally normal, k?) And my sister – well, I only have one sibling and I love her something awful! I usually cry the night before I leave just for her and then I cry again the next day for everything else. I can’t wait to go back again soon… until then I just might have to write a few more blog posts about our trip – we ate at a lot of great new restaurants so I will have to post about that for sure! and can you believe it’s already the middle of September? Summer flew by!



  • Stacey

    heading there this week! would love some “must see” food spots! Also, a favorite shop or two? x

  • Stacey

    ps. thanks for sharing this…it made me think of my home in NH. I don’t return often and don’t have the sort of family you’re lucky to have, but I was close to my dad who passed away 11 years ago…and when I return I see him everywhere.

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