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When Sarah Jenks contacted me back in September I was really excited to take on her project. Her project included re-designing her personal blog – a platform for her to share her unique perspective on weight loss and what is means to be a woman AND re-designing everything for her online program: Live More Weigh Less. It was a big project including her website, cookbook, journal, promotional material etc. We worked together for several months getting everything just right and ready for her big launch.

I was excited to work on this project for two reasons. First of all I love the message that Sarah is sending about weight loss. Her program is all about loving the body you have, loving the life you have and letting our obsession with the “perfect weight” take a back seat while we breath and live a little. I’ve never had a huge struggle with my weight or had big insecurities about my body until this season of my life. Having kids has changed my body in ways that I can’t control and it’s been hard to not remember how awesome it is.  I loved that while working on this project I was reminded daily to just love my body. To live. To try to take care of myself the best that I know how and at the end of the day just accept that I have done enough.

I also loved working on this project because it gave me a huge peek into a big trend that is going on right now: the “online course”. So many people are selling and promoting online courses these days and it was so great to get to work with someone who is doing it AND doing it WELL! I tackle all of my projects from a marketing and user experience point of view and I love the psychology of marketing! My biggest priority when working with clients is always to help them SELL! So – working with a client who had a few new ideas to bring to the table was really awesome!

I had such a great time working with Sarah and her team. I highly recommend her program for anyone looking for answers to their weight loss struggles. I also highly recommend checking out her site if you are interested in online marketing – I feel that the site we created together is a fantastic model of how to engage your audience, explain what you have to offer and make it really clear how they can purchase your services.


  • Janet

    Awesome work Jane! Love how the project turned out.

    • JANE

      Hey Janet!! Thank you! Can’t wait to spend time with you in Palm Springs again this year! Maybe Maiden Sites will need to have a guest design by Janet?! That would be fun!

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